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Elemental hair analysis is a modern and precise diagnostic method that examines the levels of the most important elements in the human body and gives information about their deficiencies or excesses. Hair shows the long-term biochemical state of our body, unlike blood, which only shows the amount of elements at a given moment. In the long term, deficiencies or excesses of elements lead to metabolic disorders that can contribute to the development of chronic diseases. Accurate knowledge of the body’s needs allows, through a proper diet and adequate supplementation, to cleanse the body of excesses and supplement deficiencies, thus restoring balance and health.

In our health program, Elemental Hair Analysis performed at the cellular level examines the levels of 24 bioelements and 5 toxic elements.

Take a test – and we’ll prepare the rest.

You will receive:
Measurement results of 24 microelements and 5 toxic elements
Supplementation programme (for 3 months)
Metabolic type description
Metabolic diet* for 7 days, with recipes and recommendations for physical activity.

Get Body Back Ltd will select the optimal supplementation for you, based on your test results and the analysis performed at the cellular level.

With us you will restore balance in your body and improve your quality of life.

Get Body Back Limited
86 Chatsworth Drive, Wellingborough, NN8 5FB
Company Number 11659621

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