Abotu us

Navigator Supplements Limited is British Company that delivers highest quality supplements, without any artificial and detrimental ingredients. Our products are perfect addition to healthy, balanced diet and active life style.

The aim of our company is to promote ecological life style and being as close to nature as possible in nowadays world. We focus on sourcing the best available raw materials for the production of our supplements. Thanks to that, our customers are given the products of the highest quality, free from GMO and any harmful additives.

Navigator supplements contain, wherever technically possible, only active substances. When technological process requires additives, we only use neutral ones, which work in synergy with active substance.

We treat well-being of our clients, who want to benefit from natural, organic products, very seriously.

Our mission

We are dedicated to the promotion of ecological way of life and being as close to nature as it’s possible in the modern world.
We want to give our customers the most suitable solution for their requirements and make sure that they fully benefit from supplementation with our products.